How To Start An Online Hair Store

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Having an online hair store is one of the easiest and most profitable ways of starting a hair business. However, if you do not go about it the right way, you might find yourself hanging in your business. Looking for how to start a hair business, here are some steps to follow:

Do your research

The first thing to do when you want to start an online hair store is to ensure that you do your research. If you go into a business blindly without knowing the nitty-gritty, you might find yourself scathed with debts here and there. So, ensure you research to know what the hair business entails. What is the information you must get during your research? They include:

  • Pricing: to maximize profit, you need to put a reasonable price on your product. So, you should research the pricing of online wig stores around you and use it as a guide to set your pricing.
  • Competitions: the truth is that every business has competition. So, make sure you research your competition and look for what can set you apart from them if you want to make a profit in the business.
  • Vendor: you should also research the vendor that you will be getting your hair from. We will discuss more on this later.

Find your vendor

After you have make your research, the next step is to find your vendor. Before searching for vendors, you need to know whether you will be selling ready-made wigs at your online wig store or you will be making the wigs yourself. If you want to be selling ready-made wigs, that means you have to contact vendors that sell wigs. If you will be making the wigs yourself, you have to contact vendors that sell hair extensions. At Tradinghair, we cater to all your needs. We sell ready-made wigs as well as human hair extensions that you can use to make the wig yourself.

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Test the products

The next step in how to start a hair business is to test the products. Yes, you have made a list of potential vendors, but how sure are you that their products are quality ones? This is where testing comes in. Some hair vendors send products to potential clients for testing. If the vendor does not do that, see the money you would be spending on the hair as an investment into your business. This step is very crucial because it helps you build your store’s credibility. Once you test the product and you are satisfied with the quality, then you can now pick that vendor as your official vendor. Click and visit TraingHair. We sell high-quality 100% human hair extensions and wigs to wholesalers and salons. Making us your vendor means you are assured of quality products. 

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As you are just starting, you might not have enough money for branding. However, if you want your business to attract high-ticket customers, then branding is a must for you. Branding simply means the way your business is seen by the customers. Branding consists of a lot of things such as the name, color, logo, and so on.

  • Name: when you want to pick out a name for your online hair store, make sure you go for one that is simple. Using complicated names can make people forget about your business easily. Besides, you should ensure that the name is not too long, if not, your customers might have a hard time remembering the name. Thanks to technology, there are a lot of business name generators online that can help you come up with simple and catchy names. 
  • Color: The next thing in your branding is the color. If you hired a branding company for your branding, then do not bother yourself with all these. But, if you are just starting your hair business with limited money then you need to study the color. You can go online and search for colors and their meanings, this will help you choose a better color for your brand.
  • Logo: A logo is also important as a name and color. As you are just starting, you might not have the resources to hire a graphics designer. At this point, you can use free tools such as canvas. However, you need to study the tool very well so you can create a catchy logo. You can be using this logo till you get the resources to hire a graphics designer. 

What website platform do you want to use?

The next step in how to start a hair extension business is to know the website platform you want to use. Since you are starting an online hair store, having a website is essential. There are different website platforms out there such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and so on. You can choose the platform you are comfortable with. However, we recommend WordPress because it is beginner-friendly. This website platform will help you with listing your products with ease. 

Learn how to promote and market

Now that you have set up your online wig store, the next thing is to learn how to promote and market. Because it is an online store, you will need social media platforms to market your product. Instagram is a great tool for promoting and marketing your online hair business. You should ensure that you create content consistently, this will drive traffic to your website. Besides, you can create a blog on your website for sharing tips about hair extensions and wigs. The more people enjoy your blog, the more they tend to buy your product. Make sure you have your unique selling point (USP), this will set you apart from your competitors. 

Build the brand’s credibility

Your online hair store is now ready, but your brand’s credibility is what will make customers come back for more. How do you build your brand’s credibility?

Sell quality products: when you sell quality products, customers will keep on rushing you. So make sure you get your hair from vendors that sell high-quality hair. Trading Hair Vendor sells premium 100% human hair that will make your customers come back to buy more.

Have great customer skills: another thing that ensures you build your brand’s credibility is to have great customer skills. Do not be rude to your customers and ensure you cater to each of their needs. Listen to their complaints and take swift action to find solutions to them. 

Final Thoughts

Starting an online hair store is not as complicated as it may seem. The bottom line is that when you get a good hair vendor, your business seems to run smoothly. Where else can you get a good hair vendor if not Trading Hair? Visit our store today to get started on your hair business journey.

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