Human Hair Wig

TradingHair vendor, one of the veteran virgin hair vendors in China, specializes in manufacturing and wholesaling all types of affordable human hair wigs. We have got you covered from beginner-friendly no glue wigs to undetectable lace wigs. All our wig products are made with 100% human hair, soft, glossy, almost with no shedding, no tangling, and can be dyed, permed and bleached. Multiple hair textures, lengths, colors, and hairstyles are available. 

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Types of human hair wigs

The best quality real hair wigs in the market are virgin hair wigs and Remy hair wigs. Both virgin hair wigs and Remy hair wigs are made with 100% human hair, soft, glossy, and silky. To some extent, virgin hair is a senior-grade Remy hair. The major difference is that virgin hair wig is crafted from unprocessed hair(haven’t been dyed, permed, colored, bleached, or other chemical processed), which comes with a more senior hair texture and a longer lifespan than the Remy hair wig. Trading Hair Vendor has covered all types of human hair wigs, welcome to choose from human hair headband wig, human hair lace front wig, full lace wig, HD lace wig, U part wig, V part wig, T part wig, etc.

Benefits of human hair wig

  • Natural appearance & touches: 

Human hair wigs look more natural and realistic than synthetic wigs.

  • Premium hair texture: 

Real human hair wig commonly comes with soft, smooth, and bouncy hair texture, with a natural shine, no shedding, no tangling, no split end, no frizzy.

  • Longer lifespan:

High-quality human hair wig has a long lifespan, with proper care, it can last at least one year.

  • Versatile styling:

100% Human hair wig can be dyed, bleached, permed, restyled, etc.

Tips to tell if a human hair wig is of good quality

  • Natural-looking:
 High-quality human hair wig should come with a natural-looking that is barely detectable to the naked eye, with silk-like texture and feel, and looks like your natural hair that grows from the scalp.
  • Premium comfy:
All our lace wig features 100% Switzerland imported Swiss lace, which can not only perfectly melt into all skin tones and reach a realistic visual effect but also a premium softness and breathability.
  • Remy hair or not:
 Both Remy hair and non-Remy hair are 100% human hair, but the texture is quite different. Remy hair with intact cuticles that flow in the same direction, can reduce the tangling and shedding problem.
  • Full and healthy end:
 High-quality human hair wigs have the same fullness and length from the scalp to the ends. And with no split hair ends.
  • Hair Grade:
 Human hair grade is a standard to level the hair quality, China Hair Vendor offers different grades of human hair bundles, you can choose from 10A, 12A, or 13A, the larger the number is the higher quality the hair is.

Why choose China Hair Vendor?

  • Quality-Guarantee Product:

All human hair wigs offered by China Hair Vendor are crafted with 100% Remy hair with intact cuticles, smooth, glossy, healthy, with a natural shine and touches, no tangling, no shedding, and no split end.

  • Diverse Products:


Thanks to China Hair Vendor always tracking new trends and developments in the human hair market, its product list has covered all types of human hair wigs, human hair bundles, frontal, and closures, Multiple hair textures, colors, lengths, and hairstyles are available.

  • Best Wholesale Price:

Get quality-guarantee human hair products from hair factories directly, all at the best factory price. To cooperate with China Hair Vendor, you will always be assured of your profit.

  • Flexible Custom Service:

TradingHair Vendor can provide logo printing, special packaging, product color & length customization to satisfy your requirements.

  • Fast Shipping:

Retail orders fast ship out within 48 Hours via DHL or FedEx.

  • 24-Hour Consulting Service:

TradingHair Vendor provides 24hour consulting service and after-sales service.

  • Return & Exchange Policy:

 TradingHair Vendor gladly accepts returns on all eligible products (altered packaging/product, worn, or damaged items are not eligible for return).

  • Education Opportunities:

TradingHair Vendor has one-stop solutions to support our customers to create and prompt their hair business.