How to do tape in extensions?

tape in hair extensions before and after

Today, in this post, we are going to show you how to apply tape-in hair extensions. If you also want to learn some tips, some failures, or anything else about tape-ins. Keep scrolling.

What you should know before adding tape-in hair?

  • Which type of hair should you go for?

We highly suggest you invest in high-quality tape-in human hair extensions. They can last longer and better protect your natural hair. Trading Hair wholesale tape in hair extensions of high quality. Our tape-in extensions are combined with medical-grade adhesive and cuticle-aligned human hair. Clean, healthy, natural in appearance, not easy to get tangled or shed, but easy to handle. What’s more, we highly suggest you go for tape-in hair extensions that are close to your natural hair texture. These tape-ins can blend well with your natural hair and achieve a more undetectable luxurious hair look.

  • How many tape-in extensions do you need?

If you have thick natural hair or if you already have idle tape-ins at home and want to add extra volume, 20 piece pack is ok. Typically, we recommend our customers to go for at least 30-40 piece packs to achieve a full head. For those who desire a thicker and luxurious hair look, 50-60 piece pack is a better choice.

  • Can you do tape in extensions yourself?

Tape-in hair extension requires no tools and chemicals, it’s quite easy to put it on. But to better protect your natural hair and achieve a more natural looking, we sincerely suggest you go to the salon and ask for help from your stylist. If you really need to apply tape-ins at home, ask for assistance from your mom or your friends are also available.

How to do tape in extensions?

tape in hair extensions

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair

Detangle your natural hair with a comb. And then shampoo and condition your natural hair. Soak out excess water with a soft towel. Blow your hair dry thoroughly with the lowest heat setting. Keeping your hair and your scalp in a clean and ventilated condition can help to prolong the lasting time of tape-ins.

Step 2: Section off your natural hair

Part your natural hair as you normally would. And then section off the front area (about 1-1.5 inches in depth and across the whole hairline from ear to ear) so that the tape-ins can be perfectly hidden and create an undetectable illusion. Also, section off the bottom area( about 0.5-1 inch from the nape of your neck across from ear to ear). Leaving out the bottom area allows you to rock a high ponytail seamlessly. Make sure the front area and the bottom area are completely secured.

Step 3: Apply tape-in hair extensions

Start applying tape-ins from the bottom part to the top horizontally. Gain a very thin strand of hair from the hair above your bottom part line about the length of one tape in hair extension. Lift up this strand of hair, and peel off the strip on the top of the extension, press on the extension underneath the thin strand of hair you’re lifting. Pick up one more piece of hair extension and peel off the strip, press it on the top of the thin strand of hair. Make the thin strand of hair between two tape-ins and the top of two extensions are stuck together. Repeat this sandwich process until you finished the full head tape-ins.

Step 4: Undo the section hairs

Undo the section hairs. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to make them cover the tape-in hair extensions. And now you can style your tape in hair extensions as you desire. But remember don’t wash your tape-in hair extensions within 24 hours after the installation. And if you need to use heat styling tools on your tape-in extensions, spraying some heat protection is a protective way.

We have shared some tips on how to take good care of tape-in hair extensions in our previous post: What is tape-in hair extension and how to maintain it? Click and read more.

Some may also wonder how often should they remove the tape-ins? Tape in human hair extensions can last for more than 1 year and can be reusable with proper care. But we recommend moving the tape-ins up every four to six weeks to give your natural hair and scalp a break. Explore wholesale tape in hair extensions at Trading Hair!

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