How To Dye Human Hair Extensions

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Imagine a scenario where you want to buy some human hair extensions but do not like the color they come in. Now, you are wondering whether you can dye hair extensions. Well, wonder no more. In this article, we will share with you all you need to know about how to dye hair extensions.

Can you dye hair extensions?

Yes, you can dye hair extensions. But keep in mind that the only hair extensions you can dye are human hair extensions. This is because synthetic hair extensions have been chemically processed. Thus, the cuticle has been tampered with. So, you might end up damaging them if you decide to dye them. On the other hand, human hair extensions are 100% virgin hair. This means that they have not been chemically processed. Thus, the cuticles are still intact. So, whatever you can do to your natural hair, you can do to human hair extensions. As a result, they can be dyed, chemically processed, and even heat styled. But you have to follow the right procedure for dying human hair; if not, you will end up damaging your extensions. Furthermore, you can only dye them darker at home. If you want to lighten your human hair extensions, you might have to take them to a professional colorist.

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How to dye hair extensions?

Now that we have established that you can only dye human hair extensions, here is how to go about it.

Get the items you need

The first step in making your extensions into colored hair extensions is to get the items you need. They include:

  • Dye and developer: you can easily get this at a store or salon close to you. When buying the developer, make sure you only purchase volumes 10 – 20. Avoid volumes 30 and 40. This is because their chemical composition could damage your hair extensions. You should also take note of the dye you want to use and pick out the appropriate dye for extensions.
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Mixing bowl and brush
  • Latex glove
  • Plastic wrap
  • Aluminum foil
  • Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner 

Prepare your human hair extensions

After getting all your items handy, you have to prep your extensions. If it is a new extension, you do not need to wash it. You only have to brush it well to get rid of tangles. But, if you have used the extension before, make sure you wash it to get rid of sweat and product buildup. Apply conditioner to keep the hair hydrated. Detangle and air-dry your hair extensions. We recommend that you do not use a blow dryer to dry it.

Mix the dye with the developer

The next step is to mix the dye with the developer in a mixing bowl. To get the right mixing proportion, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, use the dye applicator to blend the mixture properly.

Apply dye to your extensions

Lay aluminum foil on a large table and spread your extensions on it. Put on latex gloves and start applying dye to the extensions using the dye applicator. Apply the product at the root and work your way up to the end. Make sure you distribute the dye evenly and thoroughly. It is better that the dye is too much on the extensions rather than insufficient. Wrap the extensions in plastic wrappers and keep them at room temperature. Leave it for the designated time, usually about 30 to 40 minutes. 

However, you should check it at five-minute intervals to see how fast it is processing. This is because human hair extensions absorb color faster than natural hair. Once the time is up, remove the plastic wrap, then fold the aluminum foil into two. This will make it easy for you to transfer the extensions to where you will wash the dye off. Place the extensions under running water at low pressure to rinse off the dye. Ensure that water flows from the root to the ends to avoid tangling. Rinsing off takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes.

Wash and condition your extensions

After rinsing off the dye, wash the extensions with a sulfate-free shampoo. Then condition with a moisturizing conditioner. The extension must be moisturized to keep the vibrancy of the color. So do not skip the conditioning process. Use a towel to blot out excess water from your extensions. After that, let it air dry. That’s how to dye hair extensions. 

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How to take care of colored human hair extensions

Dying hair extensions is a long-term process. You need to maintain your colored hair extensions to enjoy them for a long time. To help you with this, here are some tips on how to take care of colored hair:

Shampoo less often

Colored hair extensions need more conditioning rather than shampooing. This means that you should not wash your highlight extensions frequently. Frequent washing could strip the vibrancy of your hair color. For this reason, we recommend that you condition more than you shampoo. If you feel the need to wash your hair, you can opt for dry shampoo. This makes your hair feel clean for a while.

Avoid using heat-styling tools.

Exposing your ombre extensions to heat could strip off their color. So, you should avoid the frequent use of heat-styling tools. If you can’t avoid using them, we recommend that you use a thermal protector. This will reduce the effect of heat on your colored hair extensions.

Always use the right product for colored hair.

To keep your hair color fresh and vibrant, you should always use products made for colored hair. For instance, you should opt for sulfate-free shampoos to maintain color vibrancy. Besides, you should always use products that keep your hair hydrated. Moisturizing your hair regularly helps to protect your hair and prevent color loss.

Avoid chlorine

Chlorine is harmful to your hair extensions, especially colored hair extensions. So, you should try as much as possible to avoid it. If you are going to the pool or any other place where you will be exposed to chlorine, make sure you cover your hair. Exposing your colored hair extensions to chlorine will change their vibrant look to an unattractive shade. Besides, it will lead to hair frizziness. So, avoid exposing your hair extensions to chlorine. Put on a swimming cap to protect your hair extensions. And make sure you deep condition your hair after swimming if you have to dive into the pool with your extensions on.

Final thoughts

Yes, you can dye hair extensions. But keep in mind that you can only dye human hair extensions. Make sure you use the best hair dye for extensions to achieve optimum results. You can get 100% virgin human hair from TradingHair. You can buy colored hair extensions from a hair vendor if you do not want to dye your hair extensions yourself. At TradingHair, we have highlight extensions and ombre extensions. You can also get any other type of colored hair extension to suit your taste. 

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