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No matter if you are new to the wig game or you have been wearing lace wigs for several years, you need to know which type of wig is more suitable for you. In this post, we’re going to dive deeper into what exactly a full lace wig is and how to apply a full lace wig naturally. TradingHair wholesale full lace wigs and lace front wigs in bulks in a variety of lengths, textures, and colors. Welcome to explore the best full lace wigs for wholesale at TradingHair.

What is a full lace wig?

The full lace wig has a full base cap of soft lace, on which all the hair strands are individually hand-tied. This special construction makes it the most natural and versatile lace wig. You can wear this full lace wig in any style you like.

wholesale full lace wig

Pros and cons of full lace wigs


Very versatile in styling: The most obvious benefit of the human hair full lace wig is its versatility. The full lace wig allows the wearers to part anywhere and style in any way their desire just like their real hair. With a hand-tied full lace wig on, you can simply pull all the hair up and make a ponytail, or you can braid the hair into full head braids if you desire. 

Natural-looking in appearance: The entire soft lace cap and 100% hand-tied human hair ensures the full lace wig an unparalleled natural result. No matter from any angle, the full lace wig looks so realistic that all the hair strands seem to be growing from your own scalp even if you pull it into a high ponytail.

Comfortable for wearing: The whole base of the full lace wig is made with soft and airy lace material. This makes the full lace wig extremely lightweight and breathable. You would not feel any discomfort even if you wear a full lace wig for a long time.


Expensive: Because each hair strands are hand-knotted into the lace mesh and the larger base of lace, the full lace wig is typically more expensive than other lace wigs.

How to install a full lace wig?

Some items you need to prepare in advance:

Human hair full lace wig;

Hair ties;

A wig cap;

Wig glue;

A wide-tooth comb;

A pair of scissors;

A makeup brush;

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair and your wig:

Shampoo and condition your natural hair. And blow it dry with a hairdryer at the lowest heat setting. Detangle the full lace wig with a wide-tooth comb.

Step 2: Braid your natural hair:

Separate your hair into several sections, braid each section into a cornrow, and use a small hair tie to secure the hair. Make sure your braids are not too tight or too loose.

Step 3: Put on a wig cap:

Place the wig cap on your head and stuff all your hair under the cap. Make sure that avoid overlapping the braids and make your hair underneath as flat as possible. 

Step 4: Put on the full lace wig:

Place the full lace wig on your head, adjust the wig in front of a mirror and adjust the straps on the back inside the wig to make it flatter your head. Clip the clips and combs inside the wig to secure the wig on your head. Pull all the hair back and put it into a bun or a high ponytail so that the lace can be completely exposed. And then trim the extra lace with a pair of sharp scissors around your head. 

Step 5: Glue down the full lace wig:

Flip over the lace and apply a thin layer of hair glue around the entire hairline with a brush. Let the glue dry for a few minutes and then press down the lace to attach the wig.

Step 6: Style your full lace wig:

Now you can style your full lace wig as you desire. You can part anywhere you desire. You can also apply some makeup on the parting section or around the hairline to make the wig look more realistic.

How long does a full lace wig last?

Typically, the lifespan of the human hair full lace wig is about one to two years. But we don’t suggest you keep the full lace wig on your head for more than 6 weeks at a time. 

Wholesale full lace wig vendors

TradingHair bulk supplies various human hair wigs in a variety of textures and types. No matter if you are searching for glueless full lace wigs for wholesale or you are desiring the best lace front wigs, TradingHair has got you covered. Explore the largest selection of wholesale full lace wigs. All our wigs are made with 100% virgin hair, soft, silky, and can last for up to 1-2 years with proper care. You’ll definitely get the most natural hair at TradingHair.

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