How Long Can You Keep a Lace Front Wig On?

human hair lace front wig

A question that anyone has beginner or constant wig wearer is how long they can wear the wig. In other words, they want to ask how long it is healthy to wear a wig for their natural hair and scalp. Commonly, a human hair lace front wig can be left on one’s head for up to six weeks. But we don’t suggest you keep a wig on for a long time. If you wanna get the answer more clearly yet, keep reading this post. We are also discussing human hair lace front wig’s lifespan how you can increase it specifically. So, let’s start.

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1. How Prolonged Can You Wear One Lace Front Wig?

Wig installation longevity depends on two different things if you do not interfere in its installation: 1. How fast your hair grows, etc., and 2. Adhesive longevity.

Number one, if you sew in the lace frontal wig, how long it will stay on your head impeccably depends on how fast your hair grows. Its installation stays on the head at the perfect place for four weeks before you see hair growing from the scalp. If you have installed the lace frontal via glue/adhesive, its longevity depends on how skillfully it is installed.

Number two, some adhesive you apply to install lace frontal on your head are short-term, and some provide long-term bonding long enough to make a wig last 4 to 6 months.

Above is explained how sew-in and glue-in 13×4 lace frontal stay last on the head if we don’t interfere with removing it. But the actual answer we want is after how many days or weeks we should remove our wig from the head to keep the scalp and hair healthy?

The best answer to this is every day. Cause to avoid bacterial growth and itching, removing the wig off and letting your natural hair breathe freely is necessary. Besides, to prolong the lifespan of your lace front wig, removing the wig and setting it on a mannequin head at night is a sensible option. But if you do in a situation that needs to keep the wig on healthily for a longer time, we suggest you don’t leave your wig on your head for more than 2 weeks.

Some people keep wearing the same wig for more than six weeks depending on how their body reacts, but still, six weeks’ time duration is the maximum limit.

After all, we have to perceive the wig as a fancy accessory to beautify us, not as an alternative to the natural hair (that is ours and real). So, it is necessary not to ignore your natural hair and scalp while covering it with a wig.

2. How Prolonged Does a Lace Front Wig Stay Lively or Last?

Human hair lace frontal wigs offered by China Hair Vendor can survive more than one year with proper care.

The longevity of the human hair frontal wig relies on how one takes care of it. You must know that a wig base can be of different materials, like lace, silk, monofilament, polyurethane, etc. These base materials have different life spans. So, it also depends on what is base material is and how good it has been made.

Let’s sum up clearly, wig’s longevity relies on:

1. How nicely you manage for it.

2. It’s base material.

3. How good it is made.

human hair lace front wig

3. Tips To Prolong the Lifespan of A Lace Front Wig:

As you ready above nicely taking care of human hair lace frontal wig contribute to increasing the longevity of it. Below we have listed some caring tips do on each step of caring. Let’s get to know them.

3.1 Washing:

Do not make the mistake of pouring shampoo or conditioner into the hair. Opt for any shampoo and conditioner you like but make sure the shampoo is sulfate-free and paraben-free and does not also have any harsh chemicals. You can do this by opting for mild and high-quality products.

Instead of pouring shampoo on the wig, take a big bowl of lukewarm water and pour shampoo into it. Stir it to dissolve the shampoo in water, and there are no bigger chunks. Submerge the frontal in the big bowl. Hold the wig from its cap side and start washing it in one direction to avoid tangles. If your wig is extra cleansing, let it submerge in the bowl for hours or overnight.

Do the same as for conditioning your wig, but you have a choice to dissolve the conditioner in the water or rub a small amount of it between your palms every time before applying it to the wig.

3.2 Drying:

After washing, place a big towel on a clean straight surface, and put your wig on one-half side of the towel. Then set the second half of the towel above it, like you are sandwiching the wig with the towel.

Press and pat it to absorb the water from the sopping wet wig. Then hang it properly to let it air-dry.

3.3 Detangling or Combing:

After washing and drying, the next stage is to detangle/comb it. Remember, if your human hair frontal wig is curly, apply products, comb, and style it when the wig is damp.

Other all types of wig textures should be combed after drying. Start detangling from hair ends and work your way up. Be sure to stay gentle to solve any severe hair tangle or knot.

3.4 Storing:

Before storing your human hair lace front wig should be washed/cleaned before storing. Make sure to save the wig box to store it properly. If you have lost the wig box or its shape is rigid now, use a silk or satin sack bag and lay it down in a shoebox.

Another method is to put the wig on a wig stand and wrap a satin or silk fabric on the wig. This method protects your wig from being dusty avoids friction between hair strands that can cause brittleness or tangles in wigs.

Store your wigs in a cool and dark place, so their color and moisture do not fade away.

4. Best Human Hair Lace Front Wigs at China Hair Vendor:

You can purchase the best human hair lace front wigs present in China Hair Vendor. Or you can reach our consultant for more options. But why China Hair Vendor? We manufacture wigs with well-versed staff that makes wigs skillfully with high-quality material. We store wigs with efficiency to keep them fresh and intact.

There are wigs in numerous hair textures, hair colors, and different lengths. You will get the desired one at China Hair Vendor.

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