Seamless Clip-Ins Vs. Classic Clip-Ins

blonde seamless clip-ins

Seamless PU clip-in hair extensions are popular for their ease of use, as they can be applied and removed quickly, without the need for professional assistance.

Tips to help human hair extensions last longer

Take proper care of your hair extensions and you will enjoy the benefits extensions bring. If you still have any questions about how to take care of human hair extensions, feel free to reach our consultants.

Microlinks Pros And Cons

i tip hair extensions

Not all hair vendors sell Microlink extensions, but TradingHair does, and at a competitive price, usually 30%-50% cheaper than other hair vendors.

What is the quick weave?

The quick weave is now a more and more popular option for daily beauty. Since plenty of benefits it brings, such as natural appearance, easy-to-manage, adorable price, and so on.