What Is Good Quality Brazilian Virgin Hair?

100% human hair

What is Brazilian virgin hair?

Real Brazilian virgin hair is 100% unprocessed hair( has never been chemical-treated or dyed). It is typically collected from donors in South America. The texture of Brazilian bundles is soft, shiny, coarse, and can hold curls well.

Features of Brazilian weave

Extremely soft: Brazilian bundles are extremely soft to touch.

Durable: Brazilian hair bundle is well known for its coarse texture, it’s durable and versatile.

Natural shine: High-quality Brazilian hair comes with a natural shine, thanks to the geography of Brazil.

Extremely thick: Brazilian bundles are thick and full in appearance. Brazilian human hair bundles can help to create a more plump wig look.

How to judge the quality of human hair weave?

Remy hair or not?: One of the most obvious symbols to judge the quality of the human hair bundle is whether it is made with 100% Remy hair. Remy hair’s cuticles are all aligned in one direction, which promises its smooth touch and feature of not being easy to get tangling.

Double weft: Double weft hair bundles mean two wefts are stitched together, which also means this type of human hair bundle is more durable, thicker, and has a longer lifespan.

Luxurious texture: 100% human hair bundles are soft, smooth, bouncy, and tangle-free, with a natural shine.

Full and healthy end: High-quality human hair weave is thick and coarse from the top to the end, with almost no split ends. Remember that 100% virgin hair bundles should have a few amounts split ends, cause it is completely cut as a ponytail from one donor, with no chemical treatment. Normal long hair all has a few amounts split unless it has been acid-treatment.

Hair Grade: 10A, 12A, and 13A are the most popular hair grade of human hair bundles on the market.

Care tips for Brazilian hair weave

We are going to share with you how to maintain the human hair bundles so that they can last for a longer time.

Tip 1: Avoid too much heat treatment. 

Many girls tend to use different types of heat tools to style their Remy hair bundles, but the over-heat tools can bring damage to the human hair bundles. We suggest our customers avoid overuse of heat tools, if it is necessary to use a heat tool, setting it at a low temperature can help to protect the hair.

Tip 2: Avoid washing the human hair weave too frequently.

Use a mild shampoo to wash the human hair weave once a week. Absorb the excess water after washing with a soft towel, and let the hair bundles air dry as possible. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a hairdryer to blow the hair at a low temperature.

Tip 3: Avoid sleeping with human hair bundles on your head.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair bundles on your head, it will be highly recommended to remove the hair bundles before going to bed. Cause the friction with the pillow or sheet can also lead to hair loss and make your hair bundles easy to get tangling.

Tip 4: Avoid combing the human hair bundle while it’s wet.

Comb your human hair bundles with a wide-tooth comb regularly, especially before washing it, this can help to reduce hair loss and tangle. But avoid combing the hair while it’s wet, this may lead to hair loss.

Tip 5: Make a deep condition regularly.

Cause the human hair weave is not actually growing from your natural scalp. Applying natural oil to your hair bundles regularly can help to maintain the shine of the hair strands. Besides, make a deep condition after washing the hair bundles regularly, it can help to nourish your hair bundles.

Best Brazilian hair weaves at China Hair Vendor

China Hair Vendor offers all types of human hair weave wholesale. you can choose from Brazilian bundles, Peruvian bundles, Malaysian bundles, etc. All human hair bundles offered by China Hair Vendor are 100% made of Remy hair. They are soft, silk, and tangle-free, with a natural shine. Welcome to explore cheap bundles weave at China Hair Vendor and ask for hair samples.

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