The Secret of Human Hair Grade You Should Know

As we all know, human hair grade stands for hair quality, the higher grade, the better quality. But what is the difference between hair grades? Many clients asked us this question again and again. Today we’re gonna talk about hair grade secrets that other suppliers will not tell you.

A few years ago, 5A grade hair is very popular and regarded as the best quality hair extension. After that,6A grade replaced 5A grade. Then 7A Grade shows and is considered the top quality. Now there are 8A, even 9A the highest quality. Just several days ago, Some clients come and ask me if we have 11A grade hair? You see, how crazy it is! There is no real 11A higher-quality hair on the market. Because there are no unified standards for human hair grade, it is understandable why buyers get confused. Some hair suppliers will name low quality 5A grade as 7A grade to stay competitive. Yes, it is just marketing !! Terrible thing, right? This is the secret we want to tell you. So that’s why you should pay attention to the hair quality first and not just judge hair quality by grade when you purchase hair. Now you understand why different hair suppliers may have such a big price difference for the same hair grade ( because of different quality). 

How do hair grades work?

Below is the hair grade description from our hair factory

5A Hair Grade: It is human hair but Non-Remy hair, which has more short hair. The cuticles towards in different directions. The hair will be processed by the acid bath to remove cuticles. So it feels soft and has no tangle, but only for 1-3 months with good hair care. We never recommend 5A unless the customer requests it, It is for the low-end market. 

6A Hair Grade: 100% human virgin hair without any chemical process. The cuticles towards the same direction, so it is no tangle. It can be dyed, bleached, and restyled. With proper care, it can last for a long time. 

7A Hair Grade: It is the same quality as 6A, but 7A is thicker than 6A and has less short hair in the hair bundles. Now our 7A grade is hot selling among customers. 

8A Hair Grade: It is also 100% human Virgin Hair, the cuticles towards to the same direction. But it is cutting from one single donor, that’s why the price is higher. 

9A Hair Grade: Also virgin hair from one single donor, the difference is that 9A grade hair material is better than 8A.

It is the highest quality and expensive one for the high-end market. PS: maybe different hair factory has the different definition for hair grade. Never buy unbelievable low price hair in case there is a mixed animal hair and synthetic hair. 

Which grade of hair you should buy?

You may ask which grade hair you should buy? Please remember never to buy unbelievable low price hair in case there is mixed animal hair and synthetic hair. If you’re looking for a hair supplier, please sample hair first. What we recommend is 7A Grade, now it is good quality with affordable price. If you and your customer need higher quality, then go with 8A Grade. I cannot say which is best for you because it needs to decide according to your aim clients and sales market.

At the last, we hope all of you can make your business successful.

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