How To Put On A Lace Front Wig?

how to wear lace front wig

Human hair lace front wig has plenty of fans, thanks to its natural appearance and premium comfortable wearing experience. Besides, the human hair lace front wig also comes with the benefits of easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain. If you are still tangled about if you should pick a human hair lace front wig, you can still go through our previous post about the pros & cons of lace front wigs. In this post, we are going to share with you how to wear a human hair lace front wig.

How to wear a lace front wig?

It may take you more time to glue down a lace front wig than a no glue wig, but the lace front wig can help to create a more natural visual effect than a headband wig. What’s more, it’s pretty easy to put on a lace front wig. Actually, it may take you about 30 minutes to put on a lace front wig. 

Before we dive into this small project, we need to prepare the following items:

A lace front wig human hair,

glue or adhesive

a wig cap

alcohol and cotton balls

a clean makeup brush


Step 1: Prepare your natural hair and your lace front wig

We suggest you shampoo your natural hair and the lace front wig thoroughly before wearing the wig. This can help to protect your natural hair. Please noticed that picking a mild shampoo or a wig-dedicated shampoo is more recommended.

Step 2: Do a skin test

And then it’s also necessary to do a skin test before gluing down a wig, especially for those who are allergic. To make a skin test, firstly, you should dab a small amount of glue or adhesive onto the skin back of your ear. Then, wait and observe for at least 20 minutes. If the skin becomes red or irritated, wash the glue of adhesive away immediately and search for other types of glue. If there is nothing wrong with you, you can dive into the next step.

Step 3: Braid your natural hair

Braid your natural hair into cornrows, make them as flat and as close to your scalp as possible. You can apply some hair gel or bobby pins to the cornrows if necessary.

Step 4: Put on a wig cap

Put on the wig cap, adjust the wig cap to make sure that all your hair strands are covered by the cap.

Step 5: Clean your skin

Dab some alcohol on a cotton ball and then wipe it along your hairline. 

Step 6: Apply the glue or adhesive

Use the makeup brush to apply the glue along the hairline, wait for a few minutes before putting the wig on.

Step 7. Put on the wig

Firstly, adjust the edge of the wig to match your hairline well. And then, carefully put the wig on your head. Next, press the edge of the wig to glue down firmly along your hairline. Finally, flatten the wig to get close to your natural hair.

Step 8. Cut off the excess lace

Use the scissors to remove the excess lace in the front, so that to create a natural and undetectable hairline.

Step 9. Style your wig.

Comb your wig and restyle it into any hairstyle you like.

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